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A workshop of the basics of Photoshop was held for all the students which were free of cost and informative. It was held in three days.

DAY 1:

Students were made familiar with the photoshop screen and were taught about the uses and basic tools of the same. The students were made to play with the images and understand the basic features of photoshop. All in all, it was about a brief introduction to using Photoshop and its tools.

Day 2:

Basics of selection, layers, and painting in photoshop were made familiar to the students. Selection tools, the elliptical marquee tool, selecting with the polygon lasso tool were taught. Combining two or more images and layers are it the background layer or the locking and merging of the layers. They were provided with home assignments so that they could get a hold of all the tools used.

DAY 3:

It was all about QandAs and doubts about the use of tools and problems faced in home assignments as well as the sessions themselves. 

Later, a small competition -MIND SWEEPER was organized in which the students had to find the hidden words and the one with the highest number of words won. The winners were provided with certificates and a cash prize. The workshop and the event turned out to be huge successes.


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