• Mozilla Campus club


Date- 19th, 21st, and 23rd of September 2018

Speakers - Ms. Aditi Singhal and Mr. Naman Dhameja from Mozilla Campus Club BVDUCOEP

If you want to code and you don't know the basics of it, you can't do it. So learning the basics is important not only in coding but in every aspect. So a workshop was organized by our club on the basics of C / C++ programming so that students can learn how to write a program and to apply the logic for it.

DAY 1:

Basics of coding were taught i.e. how to write a code from starting so that if anyone doesn't know about it, they can easily understand the concepts. We proceeded to the next level when each of them had practiced it properly. Also, a task was given to them so that they can get a hold of it.

DAY 2:

A logic application was taught along with line-by-line code execution so that students can learn how to remove errors from a given code. They were taught about the decision making and repetitive statements execution in the former language. They were taught ‘how to find the output of a program so they could also think in a reverse manner for excellence in the field.

DAY 3:

Applications of C / C++ were covered and a QA session was organized so that the students could clear their doubts.