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MIND SWEEPER – Train your Brain

Date – 4th October 2018

The event followed by a photoshop workshop was all about exercising the brain. The event was basically about finding words hidden in images.

There were eleven images given to all the participants. While ten images had ten words hidden in them, one of the images did not. The words were arranged in a form of a sentence written on the board in front of the participants. The time allowed for finding the words was one hour and the winners were chosen on the basis of the number of correct words found and also the time is taken. They were rewarded with cash prizes as well as certificates.

All of the participants took part with great enthusiasm and tried their level best. However, winning and losing is just part of the game but learning from it is the best thing to do.

The winners of Mind Sweeper are as follows:

Satyam Mittal (Comp-2, sem-7) Anchal Gupta (E&TC, sem-3) Saumya Srivastava (E&TC, sem-3) Gaurav Mullick (Production, sem-5)

Congratulations to all the winners from team Mozilla!


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