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Raspberry Pi workshop

In the world of electronics, Raspberry Pi has its importance because of its cost and great performance. With the help of Raspberry Pi, the user can improve programming skills, build hardware projects and many other industrial applications.

So, Mozilla Campus Club organized one workshop on Raspberry Pi for the students so that they can get a basic knowledge of Raspberry Pi. The workshop was only about the introduction and the students were given a brief idea on what is exactly a Raspberry Pi and how can it be used in day to day activities.

The workshop started with the history of Raspberry Pi like how was it invented and the significance of the name Raspberry Pi. Then the students were made familiar with the basic terminology used in Raspberry Pi and all the models of Raspberry Pi released so far. They were also told about the operating system used, the hardware requirements, power circuitry, and antenna. In the end, there was a doubt clearing session.

Speaker-Abhijeet Deshpande from Live Wire Training Institute


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