Tech Lead
Webonise Lab Pvt. Ltd.

He is a tech enthusiast, a full stack developer,  a technical architect and a resourceful tech lead. He is working on Ruby, PHP, JS , AWS, and Docker...



Software Engineer at Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd., 
C# Corner MVP, Author and Speaker

Gaurav Gahlot is an experienced Software Engineer and his core competencies include Agile Methodologies, DevOps Practices, Docker, Kubernetes and ASP.Net Core. He is an active contributor and has participated in many developer community events and conferences to share his knowledge and experience.

Gaurav has been twice recognized as C# Corner Most Valuable Professional for his contributions. He is also a passionate blogger and has been awarded the Most Valuable Blogger title by DZone 


Software Maintenance Engineer at Red Hat

He  is a Software Maintenance Engineer at Red Hat. He has been working with Red Hat since past 2 and a half years. He loves to share his knowledge and find happiness  in fixing bugs.


Mozilla Campus Club BV(DU)COEP
and Software Maintenance at Red Hat

He is a Computer Engineer and  Open Source enthusiast. He is from Pune, India and is currently working as an Engineer at  Red Hat. He has been contributing in various Mozilla projects since 2014 and became a Mozilla Representative in 2015.


He is currently a Mozilla Reps Coach, Mozilla India's Local Swag Manager. Regional Coordinator for Mozilla Clubs and a WebVR enthusiast 


Associate Software Maintenance Engineer at Red Hat

He works as an associate software maintenance engineer at Red Hat. He  likes troubleshooting. He works mostly on CIFS, NFS, EXT4, XFS and underlying  storage. He believes documentation is like Bible and loves reading source code.


InfraCloud Technologies  Pvt. Ltd.

An Infrastructure Engineer with 4+ years experience of effective code management and deployment in a production environment.


InfraCloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

She works as a Software Engineer at InfraCloud Technologies. She has around 2 years of experience in networking,  Cloud, Software Defined Networks / Network Function Virtualization with a focus on Containerization and Kubernetes. In her spare time, she enjoys playing PC games and watching anime/series.